Job Mums – Handling Your Domestic Helper

Maids in Singapore have become a widespread sight. It is no for a longer time a support that only the elite are in a position to get pleasure from. In accordance to a recent figures study, there are a hundred and fifty, 000 maids registered in Singapore. From retaining residence to minding the kids to looking soon after the aged, maids do it all. Even so, how do you, ‘Career Mom’, make sure that your maid is doing her duties instead than small function when you might be not residence? Is it luck to find that perfect maid? Or possibly with appropriate management can a super maid be created out of any regular maid?

Record it

Prior to welcoming your maid into your property, possibly drawing up a checklist with your wife or husband may well be a very good idea. Your record could contain the obligations she is meant to do, your expectations of her overall performance, house guidelines, etc. It is critical to be as detailed as possible so that your maid will not have difficulties comprehension what is predicted of her. Maintaining a duplicate and handing her yet another duplicate enables both, you and your maid, to use the checklist as a examine checklist. Handing your maid the checklist on her initial working day ceases issues that may possibly occur in the future such as confusion more than responsibilities, working hours, and so on.

Your house, your rules

Your home has been opened up to a stranger in the idea of ‘housework aid’. That is most likely the imagined that hits you first when you see your maid for the very first time residing in your residence. Indicate to your maid that privateness is of the utmost relevance. Hence an motion, this kind of as inviting fellow maids when no person is at property, is frowned upon.

Give her Space

As a lot as you benefit your privacy, your maid does hers. Consider not to pry into her personal affairs these kinds of as letters, mobile phone phone calls she tends to make on her cell mobile phone when her functioning hrs are more than, in which she goes, and so on. The kids should also be taught to respect her privateness. However if your maid is showing indicators of melancholy, stress, possibly it is time to see what is wrong.


Regard is quite essential. Your maid may be working for you but that is no explanation to deny her respect and take care of her unfairly. Children echo their parents’ actions. Therefore, respecting your maid does not only simplicity the partnership among you and your maid but you are also placing a excellent case in point for the children. Respecting your maid and treated her pretty can even deliver about much better benefits in her operate perspective. Miss Vimi, a tour information, shares of her former maid. “We handled her like one particular of the family members and she had no difficulties settling in and at times even went the further mile to get items carried out for us”.

Regard her faith

Enable her take the day off on her spiritual getaway, so she can visit her area of worship. Also, don’t drive your maid to do one thing (like eat beef or pork), if it is in opposition to her religious perception.


Communication in between you and your maid is really crucial. You are the channel to the outer entire world for your maid, a foreigner in a new land. Getting approachable makes it possible for your maid to believe in and even confide in you. 請菲傭 If you uncover anything your maid is carrying out is from your acceptance, tell her right away. Keeping it inside will only make you truly feel disappointed and the dilemma might escalate and resolving it will get tougher. If she has created a mistake, explain to her calmly. Lifted voices can only cause hysteria and adverse feelings.

Permit her Relaxation
A well rested employee is far more successful and much better altered. Hence, you ought to make sure that your worker has ample relaxation, specially throughout the evening and sufficient off days. A pleased and effectively-dealt with employee will give you less trouble than 1 who is unsatisfied!

You never need to have to have great luck or preserve your fingers (or toes) crossed to get a excellent maid. All you require to do is control your maid effectively and she will uncover it a delight to function for you. Acquiring along with your maid and being in a position to have confidence in her will keep you at peace at operate.